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About Us

What is Kamerastore?

Kamerastore is the largest supplier of used film cameras in Europe, with over 76,000 sales to over 10,000 customers in over 60 countries. With us, you can buy, trade, and sell used film cameras and gear with confidence. Every one of our over 8000 items have been uniquely checked, graded, cleaned, and repaired as necessary by specially-trained technicians and come with a 14 day return policy. All items found online ship worldwide and are also viewable in-person at our brick and mortar store in Tampere, Finland.

History of Kamerastore

Kamerastore’s roots began in early 2010 after photography enthusiast Juho Leppänen found that demand for quality used film cameras outgrew what he could resell from his home. He joined with Antti Heikkinen and Jussi Lehmus to open the first Kamerastore location in Tampere, Finland in 2010. Almost a decade later, the Kamerastore family has grown to over 20 camera nerds and occupies an entire 3 story building in the city center. Today Antti and Jussi run Kamerastore, processing over 50 items per day, while Juho has moved on to found and operate the Camera Rescue project.