Kamerastore Is Buying at Fotomässan 2022!

Kamerastore Is Buying at Fotomässan 2022!

What's Going On?

Christmas is here and Kamerastore.com will celebrate by taking our services on the road again outside of Finland! As the Nordics largest film camera specialist we are used to serving thousands of customers every month around the world by post and DHL.

After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic Fotomässan is finally back. For three days (December 2-4) people who visit us at booth B02:20 can have their camera equipment tested and evaluated, completely free of charge.

Normally our 30+ staff buy and test material in Tampere, Helsinki and by post in English and Finnish, in this pop-up the services will be available in Swedish.

Normally our 30+ staff members buy and test material in Tampere, Helsinki and by post in English and Finnish. Services in Stockholm will be available in Swedish, Finnish or English.

We are on site to take the temperature of the Swedish camera market during our visit. Depending on the demand for our services, we are looking at the possibility of introducing Kamerastore permanently in Sweden already at the beginning of next year.

What Services Will We Provide?

Kamerastore will buy/trade cameras only during the fair. Unfortunately we won't be selling equipment this time around.

During our visit we'll provide the most basic services: buying, trading, and testing equipment. If you're in Stockholm, you can bring any photographic equipment (from the 1800s to the modern day), have it tested by us, and get a cash quote within 1-2 hours (time estimations may vary if we are overwhelmed by volume).

Discounted Entry?

Would you like to visit us during Fotomässan 2022 but haven't bought your tickets yet? Follow the link to get 2 entries for the price of one with the following code: kamera22

Klick here for discount entry!


Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö
Booth B02:20

Opening times:

2/12 - 4/12
Fri - Sun
10:00 - 18:00

Contact details:

Office Finland: +358 102311777
Hotline during Fair: +358 404184784

Equipment We Gladly Buy:

  • Film cameras of all types (35mm and 120 have highest value) 
  • Digital system cameras
  • Lenses for all types of cameras
  • Large format cameras
  • Small flashes for Auto Focus cameras
  • High quality accessories for cameras

Equipment that we will not be able to buy:

  • Studio flashes and their accessories
  • VHS, Mini DV, 8mm, Super 8 and other video cameras
  • Digital compacts that are 3+ years old
  • Large tripods, enlargers or other physically very large items
  • Cameras that have a larger repair cost than their sales value.

Process of selling to us step by step:

  1. (Optional) If you wish, you can get a quote online by clicking here to have an idea of the price range.
  1. Bring your gear to the fair during opening hours - Also bring ID as we will need to confirm your identity.
  1. If the gear is of interest to us it will be listed into our IT system and left with us (1-2 hours) for testing. You will get a confirmation as well as details of everything you left to be tested via email.
  1. When we've tested the gear you'll receive the test results and a cash offer to your email.
  1. Accept/Decline the offer online:  
    A) If you accept the offer, you get to choose if you are paid straight to your bank account or by store credit. We're able to offer slightly higher amounts in store credit, so trades are encouraged! Payments are done within two working days from acceptance of the offer.

    B) If you don't accept the offer, your material can be picked up free of charge at the booth.

We're excited to see you in Stockholm!

Sell to Us!


Jag har ett tiotal kameror och tillbehör att sälja. Kan jag lista dem och sända den listan till er för en överdiktlig bedömning.

Johnny Jonsson

Jag har en del grejer kameror och objektiv m.m. Jag jobbar tyvärr hela helgen.

Ronald Simonsson

Icke digitala kameror, är det nått ni vill ha?


Jag har en uppsättning kameror och objektiv som jag överväger att sälja.

Johnny Jonsson

Äntligen kommer ni hit och äntligen händer det något trevligt i Stockholm. Tack för det.

Anders Lönnquist

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