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Celebrating 5 Years of Camera Rescue

This week is a celebration in the Kamerastore office! Our sister project, Camera Rescue, turns 5 years old. Click here to read their article to learn about the project’s history and future. Some major changes are coming!

The Camera Rescue team is small but driven, with a global vision for an analog future. Their focus is on the long term success and health of the film industry. Education and information-sharing are always at the forefront of their mind along with finding large collections of cameras to rescue!

We’re proud to have the CR team involved in our process. Here at Kamerastore, we repair and sell the cameras that Camera Rescue finds, but their impact is much larger. Their long-term vision and dedication to the future are invaluable skills in our office.

With the size, demands, and recent growth of our company, it’s easy to get stuck in day-to-day logistics. Taking the time to look to the future is too often taken for granted in our fast-paced world.

In terms of Camera Rescue news, there are a few major stories worth mentioning here. They reached their goal of saving 100,000 cameras, opened a Technician School to teach the next generation of camera techs, created 10 Outlet Drops to get cheap, often-repairable gear into your hands, organized our move to a much larger office, opened a Paris testing center to offer testing as a paid service, and helped a film-scanning startup;

They managed to do all that without leaving Finland for the past 15 months. That’s a long time to be stationary if you’re used to traveling around the world for events and collections.

Click here to read their article and learn more about the project. It gives more detail on the past year and looks ahead at the next 5 years. Oh, and it also mentioned how to enter the CR 5 Year Giveaway! There are 5 tiers of prizes from our site up for grabs, so click here to enter!

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