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Leica introduced the R system in 1964 as an alternative to their M mount rangefinders and as a response to the successful SLR systems of the time, including Nikon F and Pentax M42. The R system was produced, with some variation, until 2009.

Most R mount lenses can be used on any R mount camera, but the oldest and newest lenses run into compatibility issues and cannot be used. Over time, Leica added features and technology to the lenses that made them incompatible.

Like all Leica lenses, R lenses are very well-regarded and built to the highest standards. Their bodies are made entirely of metal, and use ball-bearings and tight machining tolerances to deliver a lovely user experience in all conditions.

R mount lenses can easily be adapted to most mirrorless systems, and can be modified to natively fit SLR systems like Nikon F, Pentax K, and Sony A. These lenses are also popular targets for cinematographers, who buy the lenses and rehouse them.

Despite this, the R system is the most budget-friendly way to get a Leica camera that delivers Leica quality.

Leica R

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