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Camera Rescue Outlet Boxes

Every few months, Camera Rescue offers boxes of heavily discounted camera gear, which has not been approved to sell at normal prices due to low value, sub-par condition or function.

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Each time we list a batch of 100 boxes, almost all sell out in the first 24 hours.

If you want to be notified with the date and time of the next outlet box drop, you must be signed up to the camerarescue mailing list.


Every few months, outlet boxes are listed to, usually 100 – 120 boxes are published.


Boxes usually range from 20€ to 60€. Occasionally there are a few Camera Rescue GOLD Boxes, with more valuable items and a higher price.

What’s inside? Where do they come from?

At any given time we have thousands of items waiting to be inspected by Cameramakers, our in-house team of camera technicians. When camera equipment has a low to average value, does not pass Cameramaker’s quality control, and is not needed for spare parts, it is placed in the Camera Rescue outlet area.

Once there is enough gear to fill 100 boxes (25 x 20 x 20cm), the items are hand sorted into interesting or logical groupings, photographed, boxed, and ready for sale.

The content of each box can be seen on it’s own product page once published. The content of each box ranges from:

  • Film Cameras
  • Digital Cameras
  • Prime Lenses
  • Zoom Lenses
  • Straps, Bags, Cases
  • Filters, Hoods, Flashes, Adapters
  • & more

What is the condition of the items?

All items are in the outlet boxes are sold in AS IS condition. As mentioned above, these items have not passed out quality control.

Typically, lenses have some haze or unacceptable amounts of dust to sell. A camera might have a broken battery door for example, or a certain mode that doesn’t work. Sometimes the fault is cosmetic, sometimes mechanical, minor or major.

Some items are completely useable!
Some items are completely broken!

Please buy them knowing that these are NOT our usual items and that you should expect flaws – they are AS IS. There are no returns on outlet box items!

Why make camera outlet boxes?

Many buyers find the cameras or lenses work well enough to use for photography. Other use the cameras as spare parts, experimentation, or decoration.

Cameramakers have around 4 000 items at any given time waiting to be repaired, and listed to Simply put, it will take years for us before we have time to give proper attention to these items, and would rather sell them as-is for people to enjoy.

In a normal situation we sell these items in-person at photo fairs, though since travel has been restricted we now make these available online!

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