Our marketing team is looking to level up!

Our marketing team is looking to level up!

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In our first decade, Kamerastore was driven forward (mainly organically) by our passion for film cameras and sustainability. Only in the past two years have we turned to active marketing, and in that time we've grown 103%. These two are not quite as related as one might think, but:

Now we are looking for someone to take on the challenge of marketing our brand on a global scale; a professional who can organize and bring structure to the team working on marketing - while staying flexible within a fast-paced and nimble business. Ideally, you would have previous experience working with DTC marketing and e-commerce.

We would love to see that you care about film photography - or at least be passionate about sustainability, circular economy, and (re)building positive patterns to humanity by pioneering the repair and reuse economy.

Kamerastore is not a startup with an endless need to grow M/M to please VCs. Here the work is 37.5 hours a week and you have 5 weeks of vacation a year. Our work-life balance prioritizes human sustainability and values over profits. This does mean that the compensation is lower than in scale-ups in London or New York, but so are living costs.

We would need you to live in the most attractive city (Tampere - 3 years in a row) of the happiest country in the world (5 years in a row) for at least a year. A tall order, we know, but to be clear - living at The End of the World (Finland) isn’t necessarily for everyone.

You would work with our existing team which has diverse talents from content creation to copywriting and ecommerce. We have even done the basics of PPC and SEO work ourselves, but we are looking to bring in your specific expertise and professional approach into the mix.

Most of all we are looking for the right person. To find the right person we won't use head hunters or complex application forms. Let us know of your existence by simply emailing juho+MARKETING23@kamerastore.com with an intro, link to LinkedIn (or such showcasing your history), and a bit of what you specialize in, and what you could bring to our company.

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