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Kamerastore and Camera Rescue have Saved 100K Cameras!

The Goal

In September 2017 Kamerastore and Camera Rescue announced a goal; save 100,000 analog cameras by 2020. Even though we had already saved around 30,000 by that time, it was still a daunting task. With the resources we had at the time, it was nearly impossible. 

2017 marked the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence, which inspired us to set our goal at 100,000. Even if it seemed out of reach, we approached it optimistically. No matter what the outcome, our work was valuable and important.

Even with the unexpected nature of 2020, we’re happy to announce we have reached our goal! Sure, it’s a few months late, but we thought we were dreaming when we set this goal in 2017. It’s incredible to think that we were only a few months off.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the community. We were able to grow and expand quite rapidly due to a consistent growth in the market and constant, unwavering support from you all. 

Many businesses have ridden this wave of popularity and demand, and we’ve seen an entire industry be born around analog photography. Six or seven years ago, growth like this would have been considered impossible, and it gives us at Kamerastore and Camera Rescue tremendous hope for the future of film. We’re beyond excited to be at the forefront of the analog revival here in Europe.

These days, cameras almost never come to us in fully-working condition. Our standards have risen as we’ve added capacity to repair, but we still find ourselves with a tremendous backlog of repair work. Our biggest problem is finding ways to repair more cameras, more quickly.

What’s Next?

So what’s next? Well, we’re going to keep going, keep expanding, and try to tackle our challenges head on. With the support of the film community, we’ll be able to continue finding large camera lots to repair and sell, just like we’ve been doing for the past 10 years.

It’s about connecting with people. That’s the only way we can find these cameras, whether they’re huge lots from an old store or single cameras found in your parents’ attic. We need these connections to cycle these cameras back into use. Despite our best efforts, millions of cameras are still out of circulation, tucked away in bags, basements, closets, and attics. Only with your help can we find and rescue them.

We’ve built quite a team here in Tampere in order to give each camera the love and care it requires once it reaches us. Decades of experience have come together at each phase: checking, testing, cleaning, repairing, photographing, listing, and selling. Together, we prepare each camera to re-enter the community with standards higher and more thorough than anyone else in Europe, if not the entire world.

Our recently-announced technician school has opened, and the first students are learning these valuable skills in the rescue center as I write this. With your help, we can continue to spread cameras, film, and knowledge around the world. With your help, the industry will continue to grow and prosper. But only with your help.

So reach out if you have cameras! Reach out if you have questions! Reach out if you want to know what’s going on at our shop! Reach out if you want to sell, or to buy! We’re here to be more than a store, but a beacon of the community. 

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