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Kamerastore HQ Relocating

We‘re moving to serve you better.

A lot of our functions have been restricted in the last year or so due to lack of space. The new premises will allow us to double our staff in the coming years so you will be able to get serviced even faster and in a more broad scope. We have new services and products coming up that we are excited to share soon. For both the new things and recruitment news get our newsletter if you aren’t already 😊

Where are we moving then?

Our new premises are on the top floor of PMK building in Tammela, Tampere – just about 800 meters from current location. Read more about the PMK building from Camera Rescue Instagram.

Any delays should be short.

Our store is closed on 22.2.–28.2. Website works as usual. Postage line is now up and running again with the deliveries! Both the new and old address will bring us our mail securely, as we are good buddies with the postmen and the DHL lady.

There’s been some delay getting the LAB running, but hopefully we can open our services soon!

Thank you for your patience in the coming month. If you want to see things happening behind the scenes and the new premises, follow up the stories of @kamerastorecom and @camerarescue on Instagram.

We wish you all the best for 2021

The Kamerastore team