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News! Now Accepting Camera Trades Globally.

Easy Camera Trading & Custom Offers

Starting today each of our camera gear items have an item manager, these are our Buy Trade & Sell assistants. You will see their picture, name, and email on the page. If you are interested in trading in some of your unwanted gear towards the purchase of an item you see, just click the item managers email [we like film & digital!]. Let then know what you have to offer towards the item and they will make a custom offer for you based on what you have and what you would like.


Streamlined Delivery Worldwide

Can’t bring your gear to Finland? No problem. Most of our customers live outside of Finland and small countries far far awayWe have been sending and receiving packages safely for over 8 years. If you agree to the offer given your B.T.S. assistant will help guide you what do next as we arrange for you to send us your unwanted items, and we arrange to send you the item you want.

Once we mail out your item it should first land in your country in 1 to 4 days. You can read more about shipping here if you’re interested.


Buy Trade Sell Team

You may already know some of us if you have visited our shop in Finland, but if not allow us to introduce ourselves below.


If you’re interested in simply selling your camera gear only please
Email us for a quote
Or find your B.T.S. assistant below


CPO – Partner since April 2011
Assisting you with: Altix, Contax/Yashica, Exakta, Fuji X, M4/3, M42, Rangefinder, Olympus 4/3, Olympus F, Pentax K, Phase One 645, Minolta AF, Samsung NX, Sigma, Sony A, Sony E, Sony FE systems
Preferred Camera: Pentax 6×7

Antti is the head of products and has amassed a crazily deep knowledge of both pricing and common troubles for about every camera model in the world. He has personally handled and checked most of the cameras that have gone through our system, so his actual hands on experience is from about 50 000 cameras! Currently only 26 years old, no one actually knows how good can this man get.




Kamerastore member since June 2012
Assisting you with: Contax G, Nikon F, Nikon DX, Nikon 1, Canon EF, Canon EF-S, Canon M systems
Preferred Camera: Pentax 6×7

Another one from our team that started young, Joel loves working with curious customers, and is an experienced & efficient product lister among other things. If you notice new products appearing on the site more than usual, it’s likely Joel is working that day.




Kamerastore member since May 2019
Assisting you with: Fujica X, Tamron Adaptall, Konica AR systems
Preferred Camera: Leica M2

A quick learner and newest member of Kamerastore, Jonas is photographing, grading, and listing products on line when he’s not busy helping customers deal with the above lens systems. Although he has a particular interest in rangefinder cameras, as a product lister he is handling every kind of camera under the sun (or snow! #finland).





Co-Founder since December 2010
Assisting you with: Hasselblad, Leica M, Leica M39, Leica R systems
Preferred Camera: Leica M4, Black

Jussi is the keystone of Kamerastore, an orderly founder that has been able to keep up with the bookkeeping, taxation and budgeting of over 50 000 unique items over the years. In addition he has taken crucial roles in HR management and the growth of our digital infrastructure. He also likes Leicas, especially black paint ones.




Kamerastore member since May 2018
Assisting you with: Point & Shoot, Canon FD, Canon FL, Minolta MD, Olympus OM systems
Preferred Camera: Fuji GW690II

A product team member who just happens to be way older than the rest of us. Owns a good amount of life experience and runs our Helsinki office. Also a big fan of Star Wars but, unfortunately Star Wars and cameras don’t have much in common. Their universe it too advanced for film photography.. or not advanced enough?


Kamerastore member since June 2012
Assisting you with: Polaroid, T2, Mamiya Z, Rolleiflex SL35 systems
Preferred Camera: Olympus Mju-II

Kasperi started hanging out at the camera shop when he was still in Junior High. He gained a lot of knowledge and soon started managing a large part of the old Kamerastore eBay. 7 years later he is still here and an integral part of daily operations. Underneath his upbeat energy and charisma is a vast knowledge of cameras rooted in a life-long passion for photography.




Kamerastore member since March 2012
Assisting you with: Arriflex, C-mount, Medium format, Mamiya 645, RB67, RZ67, Pentacon six, Pentax 645, Pentax 6×7, PL-mount, TLR, Zenza Bronica systems
Preferred Camera: Pentax 6×7

Nuno is a connoisseur of the analog world as well as Head of Lab Services at Kamerastore. Growing with the company, he has tested and learned pretty much every aspect of the business. During the last tow years he has worked on starting a new professional quality Kameratori LAB to serve the Finland and later the whole Nordics with a modern analog workflow for the coming decades. He can answer any question you could possibly have about analog photography.




Kamerastore member since October 2017
Assisting you with: Enlargers, Large format
Preferred Camera: Nikon F2

Being in an industrial city in an industrial country sometimes makes life too optimized. You also need colour and vision in life. Saša is our in-house artist and lab technician, that does amazing work taking care of customers and their film at Kameratori LAB. If you want to talk into the night about the content of your photography, you should ask Saša for to go for a pint with you.




Cameramakers member since May 2019
Assisting you with: Nikon S & Contax/Kiev systems
Preferred Camera: Nikon F2

Toni is the newest member of Cameramakers, our in-house repair and service team. He is interested in Nikon & old German cameras, often having more cameras, tools, and spare parts on his desk than empty space…


2 thoughts on “News! Now Accepting Camera Trades Globally.

  1. Hi Team!

    I’m glad that you have a new program like this. I have a question although it’s unrelated to the program, I hope to receive some answer from you. 😀 I got some camera, acquired from the local second-hand store and I tried to restore and repair them by myself. I wonder if there are any sources of information for a newbie like me? I got a Minolta Minister D with broken and stuck self-timer handle. Hence, the shutter doesn’t work; an Agfa Optima Sensor Flash also jammed and a toy camera with a bit of film advance issue. I know it would easier to buy from your store, but I saw them and don’t want they go to waste. Also, do you have any hint when the shop in Helsinki will be active again? I planned to pay a visit there at the end of this month but so sad it was closed. Thank you in advance for any lead. 🙂

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Emily!

      First to the Helsinki Shop issue. It might be accessible by the end of the month, but the only benefit you might have of going there is film stock. Otherwise everything you might need is in Tampere.

      Then to the first question. There is nothing really good and meticulous online yet, all info is scattered and you have to glue it together in your mind bit by bit. If you are looking into learning, probably older books would be the best way to start out. Availability of these types of books then is a whole another issue.

      – Kamerastore team

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