Come Work at Kamerastore! We're Hiring in 2022!

That’s right, we’re looking to add to our team. Specifically, we’re looking for a new member of our Product Team, as well as a marketing specialist for Valoi, our in-house camera scanning brand. Scroll down a bit to see the Valoi description, or continue below for the Kamerastore Product Team description.

If you're more technically-minded, Camera Rescue is opening up their 2nd round of Technician Training School to international applicants! Click here to view the job description.

Applications for the Kamerastore Product Team position will be accepted until Sunday, February 13th, 2022.

Kamerastore Product Team Member

The Product Team members are the ones who actually put cameras, lenses, and accessories onto our website. They take photographs, work with the back end of our web shop, and do research to write detailed descriptions of our products.

Members of the product team are also responsible for all customer service, from answering the phone to responding to emails/chats on our website. Even our social media accounts are run by product team members.

Right now, though, we’re looking for someone to exclusively list products on our website. No customer service necessary. We have a tremendous backlog of checked, cleaned gear and not enough hours to sell it all! That’s where you come in.

Aside from describing the specific item, the product team also writes what we call catalog items. These descriptions cover an item generally, whereas a product description describes one specific example.

To give an example, a Canon AE-1’s product description would state if the shutter or light meter of that specific camera was off, or if new light seals had been installed. The catalog item would talk more about features of the camera or interesting history, such as the shutter speed range or the massive marketing campaign Canon used to propel the AE-1 to high sales numbers.

Both of these descriptions are one of the main reasons people decide to shop with us instead of somewhere else, so it’s important to get them right. Research and analysis is required to take information from various sources and your own understanding of the item.

These descriptions are written in English only, so a high degree of English language skill (both reading & writing) is required.

This application is open to anyone, and knowledge of Finnish is not required. Extensive job history or experience in the field is also not necessarily required. The only requirement is that you are willing to move to Finland long-term. This position cannot be done remotely.

You Are:

  • A camera nerd with existing knowledge and interest in film photography.

  • A competent photographer who is capable of handling DSLRs, basic flash systems, and Adobe Lightroom.

  • Competent with Mac OS.

  • Able to speak/write in English with high proficiency.

  • Happy to relocate to Finland long-term and to operate in an office where Finnish is the main language.

  • Someone who has some experience with e-commerce platforms, product photography, and/or selling cameras privately (preferred, not required)

We Offer:

  • A modest salary (Think "Minolta" money, not "Leica" money).

  • Free film processing through Carmencita Film Lab in Spain.

  • Private healthcare on top of the very cheap public Finnish healthcare.

  • Access to our private darkroom.

  • Staff discounts on all products (including film & chemistry!).

  • Access to almost any camera/lens you could want, with unlimited testing.

  • Perks such as E-Passi or employer-provided bicycle. 

  • Help navigating Finnish government bureaucracy.

We’ll do our best to be honest about the working conditions here in Finland, because Finnish working culture can be quite different from other countries. On top of that, we have quite a unique culture here at Kamerastore.

While this position is mainly in charge of listing items to our website, there is potential for growth and changing responsibilities further down the line. We are a young company that's growing rapidly, so we have projects of all sorts going on almost every day.

Here at Kamerastore, we hold ourselves to the highest standards worldwide. We pride ourselves on adding value to our photographic gear at each step of the process, from the moment someone contacts us to sell to the moment someone else receives a package.

The product team is the final step between our store and the customers. What the product team writes, the customer sees. Professionalism is key.

That being said, our team is young (mostly between the ages of 20-35), friendly (by Finnish standards), and always laughing. It’s a very casual working environment, even with our world class standards. 

The product team is a team, though. It’s important that you’re able to work within a team, learn our system, and understand that you likely don’t know everything.  It’s okay to not have an encyclopedic knowledge of camera facts. A willingness to learn is far more important.

So if that sounds like you, click the link below to fill out our application and we’ll be in touch!

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If you have questions in Finnish about this job opening, please contact us at .

Valoi Marketing Assistant


VALOI is a small brand designing, manufacturing and marketing products for digitising analogue film using a digital camera. As the old scanners break down or don’t meet the technical demands of modern film photographers, we need to find solutions that let us continue to scan film without investing millions into RnD and tooling to make new scanners. Our mission is to provide quality tools for digitising your film at home without breaking the bank by taking advantage of efficient manufacturing methods and smart design. We also fiercely support the community of home scanners with knowledge and information about how to get the best results.

About the position

This position is flexible - it can grow and change to suit your skill set and needs. VALOI is looking for a team member to help with marketing tasks such as:

  • Creating content for social media, including pictures, text and short-form video
  • Working on the overall marketing strategy of the brand
  • Assisting in setting up marketing campaigns
  • Monitoring currently running campaigns, including A-B testing
  • Working with and managing partners we work with, including influencers

Working language: English, oral and written fluency required

Work type: Remote or physical

Amount of work: Part-time, flexible

Who we are looking for

We are looking for someone who is confident in their general skills and their ability to learn but you do by no means have to be a super confident marketing person.

  • (Required) Fluent English knowledge: Other major languages are a bonus but not a requirement
  • (Required) Independent worker that takes initiative
  • (Required) Quick learner: You will, for example, meet new technical challenges (learning new tools), and learn about a niche product in a niche area and how to market that
  • (Required) Willingness to learn the process about the process camera scanning
  • (Required) Comfortable with simple creative work (you don’t need to be a master at this, just comfortable with learning it): Taking product photos, product demonstration, simple photo editing and creating simple visuals
  • (Preferred) Basic knowledge of digital tools: Photoshop or Canva, Lightroom, basic video editing
  • (Preferred) Passion for visual content, including developing and maintaining a consistent look
  • (Preferred) Interest in the field: Knowledge of camera scanning and digital photography or analogue photography more generally
  • (Preferred) Knowledge of marketing and analytics tools from Facebook/Meta, Google and others

We offer

  • A non-corporate, friendly work environment
  • Tasks adapted to your strengths and needs
  • Opportunities to show your great work and contributing to a growing brand in an interesting niche field
  • Remote or physical work
  • Flexible working hours

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