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Foma Fomadon P mustavalkokehite

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FOMADON P In general Two-component, normal-working metolhydroquinone negative developer in powder form which is equivalent to the developer Kodak D76 or Ilford ID11.. Use The developer is designed for the manual processing of all sorts of perforated/roll/sheet negative films. Preparation of working solution Dissolve the content of the smaller bag and then of the bigger bag in 700 ml of water (40 oC) and after a complete dissolution fill up with water to the final volume of 1 litre. Developing capacity One package is sufficient to develop 10 perforated films (135-36) or rollfilms (120), or a corresponding amount of sheet films (up to 25 sheets 13x18 cm, etc.). Packaging Box containing 2 PE-bags of 126 g total weight.

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