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Leica M9 Body with Canon 50mm F1.4 Lens (steel gray, only 2700 exposures) + grip


Optical condition


Mechanical condition


Cosmetic condition


• This camera is used, extensively tested and working as it should

• Very low shutter count - around 2700 total shutter actuations

• The sensor appears to have some dust particles/debris, which produce some artifacts that show up when the lens is stopped down to F8 or more

• We cannot tell if this is the infamous sensor corrosion, or if this is just dust (either way, this is the condition of the sensor)

• Due to the above mentioned issues, this camera is being sold as is, with no guarantees as to the condition of the sensor, or weather or not it has been replaced/has any defects (returns will not be accepted based on any sensor issues)

• Hardware data: CCD- 5 / shutter count - 2700

• Cosmetically, this camera shows normal sings of handling with some brassing, nicks and marks all around

• Finder is clean, with good RF patch and LCD numbering

• The included Canon 50mm is a superb-quality lens, often dubbed the "Japanese Summilux" (it is that good)

• Clean glass

• Includes a lens shade, the correct m-mount adapter, and an aftermarket battery

  • Affordable delivery
  • Condition checked
  • 14 day return time

Product delivered by

CatLABS Inc., Boston