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Olympus E-30 + HLD-4 Power Battery Holder


Mechanical condition


Cosmetic condition

Comes with charger, strap and battery. Firmware updated and settings reset. Sensor cleaned by Cameramakers. Shutter count: 4068
Olympus E-30

Olympus DSLR introduced in 2008.

  • 12Mp sensor
  • ISO 100-3200
  • 5 FPS continuous shooting
  • 2.7" articulating screen

Olympus HLD-4 Power Battery Holder

The HLD-4 is an optional power battery holder for the E-3, E-5 or E-30. It is equipped with a shutter release button and other essential dials for easy operation during vertical-format shooting. Sealed construction to provide the same high resistance to dust and moisture offered by the Olympus DSLR bodies. Holds two BLM-01 or BLM-5 batteries at once.

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