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Phase One 645DF + 80mm f2.8 LS + P45+ Digital Back


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Medium format SLR kit. Kit comes in black plastic case. Comes with battery and charger, AA battery holder and Firewire cables. Sensor cleaned by Cameramakers. 29000 images taken with the digital back.

Phase One 645DF

The 645DF is a digital only medium-format SLR camera body.

The 645DF has aperture-priority AE, shutter-priority AE, programmed AE and manual TTL metering, center-weighted average, spot and variable ratio exposure modes, auto-bracketing and it uses the TTL phase difference detection method for autofocus. Autofocus speeds are up to 30% faster than previous model.

  • Built-in focal plane shutter. Speeds from 1/4000 second to 60 minutes
  • High flash sync speeds (1/125s) – up to 1/1600 of a second with Leaf Shutter lenses

Battery: AA 1.5V

Schneider-Kreuznach 80mm f2.8 LS

This is the standard focal length lens offering the greatest versatility. Flash sync up to 1/1600th of a second. A preferred choice for location fashion photographers using fill flash.

  • Flash synchronization up to 1/1600th
  • Fast aperture allowing shallow depth of field
  • Extreme optical performance
  • Edge-to-edge sharpness
  • Equivalent 35mm Focal Length: 50mm

Phase One P45+

Phase One 39 Megapixel 16-bit digital back with 49,1 x 36,8 mm CCD sensor. Image resolution is 7216 x 5412 pixels.

  • Min ISO: 50
  • Max ISO: 800
  • Memory card type: CF
  • Connections: FireWire 400
  • Dynamic range: 12 f-stops
  • Affordable delivery
  • Condition checked
  • 14 day return time

Product managed by
Toni M.
Kameratori Oy, Tampere