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Varta 4SR44 6.2V hopeaoksidiparisto


Varta Photo 4SR44 / V28PX

Get down to the cellular level: tiny button cells provide high energy for car keys, calculators, cameras and other electronic appliances.

  • Voltage: 6.2 V / Capacity: 145 mAh

Alternative item description: A544, E544A, V28PX, V28PXL, V28GA, V544A, L544, KS28, PX28A, WE544A, PX544A, GP544A, LR544A, K544A, 544AE, A544S, P544GA, KX544, RPX544, 4SR44, 4NZ13, G13, 4028, K544A, R544A, 28L

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