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Nikon F4s

Nikon F4s

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Certified: Tested & inspected with special tools and machinery, found to be working correctly. Any flaws present will be noted and will not affect typical use.
Is in good working condition. The displays inside the viewfinders have some leakage that will not affect use significantly.

Details: Nikon F4s

Autofocus F mount flagship 35mm SLR released by Nikon in 1988. The F4 is a pro-grade body with weather sealing, PSAM + Ph exposure modes, matrix metering with switchable center-weighted as well as spot modes, and a single point AF. It was the second professional autofocus camera Nikon made, but the first to be built for it from the ground up as the F3AF was a modification of the existing manual focus body. Balanced metal-bladed shutter has a top speed of 1/8000s and fully motorized film transport will advance the film to keep up with the maximum frame rate of 5.7 frames per second. All Nikon lenses are compatible with the F4 except the G-series lenses which only work in program and shutter-priority modes. Image stabilization on VR lenses also cannot be activated. Matrix metering is supported even with the older AI and AI-S manual focus lenses. While all F4 bodies can take any of the three available battery grips, Nikon named the bodies differently depending on which grip the camera came with from the factory. Bodies are still identical across all variations: F4 (MB-20 w/ 4 batteries), F4s (MB-21 w/ 6 batteries) and F4e (MB-23 w/ 6 batteries). Other features include a self-timer, mirror lock-up, AE and AF lock buttons, automatic film rewind, 1/250s flash sync, and +/-2 exposure compensation. Many accessories were available: 4 interchangeable finders and over 10 different focusing screens, 3 additional changeable backs, eyepieces like diopters, a variety of macro accessories, and remote releases. The F4s grip, the MB-21, came in at least two known cosmetic/ergonomic variations. Metal and plastic body available in black with a red accent.

  • Shutter: Electromagnetically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane, 4s - 1/8000s + T + B + X
  • Continuous shooting: 5.7 fps (MB-21 and MB-23)
  • ISO range: 6 - 6400 and DX-coded: 25 - 5000
  • Size: 169 x 139 x 77mm
  • Weight: 1280g
Compatible battery type(s) for the Nikon F4s: AA 1.5V

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Nikon F

Nikon introduced their first SLR, the Nikon F, in 1959. Alongside it they unveiled a series of lenses and a new lens mount that would carry them to professional success for the next decades. To this day, all Nikon DSLRs use the Nikon F mount.

In the beginning, Nikon lenses communicated aperture information to the body using a metal coupling fork, affectionately known as "bunny ears". Soon after, Nikon began using a similar system that automatically told the camera the maximum aperture of the lens. This Automatic Indexing (AI) system stuck around for decades in lenses and is still found on Nikon's high-end professional DSLRs even though new lenses communicate this information electronically.

With only minor compatibility issues (don't use a pre-AI lens on AI bodies or modern digital cameras), Nikon F lenses and bodies are pretty much interchangeable.

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