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Rollei Rolleicord IIc (K3 542)

Rollei Rolleicord IIc (K3 542)

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Both lenses are scratched up and hazy inside. The shutter is working okay but the advance knob can slip backwards and mess up the frame counter. The front leatherette has been replaced and someone has colored in scratches on the front plate with a marker. It's beat up but not so unusable.

Details: Rollei Rolleicord IIc (K3 542)

Manual focus 120 TLR released by Rollei in 1939. This was the first Rolleicord to feature accessory bayonets on both the viewing and taking lens. The original price (90 USD) is the equivalent of around 1900 Euros in 2024. Metal body available in black/silver.

  • Taking lens: Carl Zeiss 7.5cm f3.5 Triotar (3 elements, 3 groups)
  • Viewing lens: Rollei 7.5cm f3.2 Heidosmat-Anastigmat
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.8m
  • Shutter: Compur leaf, 1s - 1/300s + B
  • Aperture blades: 10
  • Size: 137 x 97 x 94 mm
  • Weight: 760g

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