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The History of Kamerastore

Juho Leppänen first began buying and selling film cameras to make some extra money during High School and feed his passion for film and gear. Soon after that he was buying dozens of cameras at a time and needed help to keep up.

Kameratori 2010 to 2017

In 2010 Juho along with his friend and business partner Jussi Lehmus opened the online and retail store Kameratori. Translated from Finnish it means roughly – the central square for cameras. Shortly after that they brought on Antti Heikkinen. Together the three of them began buying and selling analog camera gear at an increasingly large rate and reach.

A few years later they moved into a bigger location across town to accommodate the growing camera inventory. After that they outgrew it once again and moved to their current location in the city center.

Camera Rescue

In 2016 Juho stepped away from daily operations at Kameratori and started CameraVentures which has since become, you can read that part of the story here.

Kamerastore 2018 to Today

By 2017 Kameratori had an increasing amount of customers from outside of Finland. Kameratori added the moniker Kamerastore in 2018 to better identify themselves with this international market. Jussi and Antti still run the shop with the help of around a dozen others. Some of the team has been there for 6 years as well.

Kamerastore, Camera Rescue, & Camera Makers

Today Kamerastore and camera rescue operate side-by-side under the same roof amongst offices, a showroom, spare parts warehouse, and lab. In addition there is a camera repair center known as Cameramakers.

Cameramakers is a small team of certified camera repair men with over 100 years of experience between them. They joined Camera Rescue and Kamerastore in 2016 as their repair department.

Together all three entities work together to get unused or unwanted film cameras found, repaired, and back into the market.

Camera Rescue locates unused, unwanted, or broken cameras.
Cameramakers repairs or revitalizes them.
Kamerastore gets them into the hands of new customers.


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  1. I love what you do.
    I am interested in a working A12 MODULE for RICOH GXR to take Leica M and my old
    Minolta lenses

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