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The New is Open!

Thanks to all our friends in the film photography community, CameraVentures has outgrown itself and has branched out into two new teams.

Buying and selling of film photography gear that you were used to at CameraVentures can now be found at

The analog research, rescue, and refurbishment aspirations of CameraVentures is now moving forward at

For the full story and why this was necessary please see the full article at

Compared to the old english version of our Finland site –, there are a lot of new functions designed especially for the international community. Our goal with the new site is to share more of our camera knowledge and make our selection more newcomer friendly. We aim to be not only the biggest film camera webshop in Europe, but also the most helpful. We are committed to an analog future and are going all in to see it become a reality.

Here is an intro to our daily process from our founders:


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