Kamerastore Open House! 20.8.22 !

Kamerastore Open House! 20.8.22 !

What is happening?

Kamerastore is hosting an open house event in Tampere the 20th of August, 2022, from 11 to 18. We’re so excited to see everyone after several years without meetups. We’ve also borrowed a 700m2 space right next to our office, so we can have quite a big gathering as well as our largest outlet event in history. Here’s what the schedule looks like currently (subject to change):

  • Huge Outlet Drop (Info below)
  • Private sales tables of cameras from staff and other sellers
  • Guided photowalk in Tampere, leaving at 16:00
  • Drop-off point for selling cameras to us
  • Films & Beers at Tampere Brewing & Distilling Co - Taproom downstairs

We hope that this event will be a long-awaited experience for the Finnish photography community - and maybe even some from outside Finland!


More Information


Our outlet bins at the Helsinki Fair Center used to gather thousands of people for weekend treasure hunting. Right now, we have more outlet material than could ever be feasibly transported to Helsinki, so it should be paradise for these people. Like always before most items will be 1€ to 20€.

Guided Tours

Our office is now home to over 30 professionals working with cameras every single day. Understanding how it all works and how we test, grade, repair and otherwise process thousands of cameras a month is a fun little peek behind the scenes. Guided tours will be available every hour and both in English and Finnish. There will be a limited amount of spots on each tour so reserve your spot by taking one of the tickets from the wall posters once you arrive to the 7th floor.

Photography Exhibits

We have a 40m long corridor to fill with photography. Our staff will exhibit some of their own photography - but if you have photos to showcase, there might be space left after that. Send us an email if you’re looking to exhibit work!

Private Sales Tables

Our staff and some old friends of Kamerastore have some tables to buy also gear that is not listed online and that is not Outlet quality. Usually the people who work at the camera store take good care of their gear, after all. Maybe you find your dream camera or piece of gear there?

Guided Photowalk

Want to have a walk around town before the beer and film meetup starts? New to the city? A photowalk will leave from in front of our office at 16:00 to cover some of Tampere’s city center!

Drop-Off Point for Selling to Us

We’re always looking to buy gear. That’s how our whole business works! So if you have cameras you want to sell, bring them to this event! We can’t check them live on Saturday, but we’ll put them in the system and you should have an offer within a week.

Cameras & Beers at Tampere Brewing & Distilling Co.

Tampere Brewing has opened a new taproom on the ground floor of our office. We’re already frequent guests, so we figured we could have a “Beers & Cameras” type meetup after the outlet event ends at 18:00!

How to Find Us!

Kamerastore is located at Erkkilänkatu 11 in the PMK building. This building was used as a cotton warehouse and used to have unloading capability for trains. For this reason it’s long and curved, with doors lining the side facing the train tracks. Plus, it has a big Kamerastore logo on that side! You can’t miss it.

The event will be held in and around our office at Erkkilänkatu 11. You can enter through the B door, which is located on Peltokatu and has green “B” signage. Then, take one of the elevators to the 7th floor and you’ll be at our office! There will be signs to guide you through the building.

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