Kamerastore in Dubai 3.-11.5.2024!

Kamerastore in Dubai 3.-11.5.2024!

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The snowy winter has passed and Kamerastore will celebrate this by taking our services outside of Finland again! As the Nordics largest used camera specialist we serve thousands of customers every month around Europe by post and DHL.

However due to EU import customs and logistics challenges the whole of the GCC area has not been able to properly utilize half of our services - the side where we buy all type of photography material! We love to give cameras a new life in the hands of a new user, so if you have photo gear that deserves more use do read on.

This year we have been invited by the Finland World Expo Pavilion to do a pop-up in Dubai from the 3rd of May to the 11th of May.  During the pop-up, you can drop off (or send by courier) your camera equipment for testing at the Finland Pavilion (Maps link). Our camera technicians are there every day from 13:00 to 19:00. By us bringin the services to Dubai, you get the best possible price for your old photography gear from us, as the customs costs wont drag the price down.

What Services Will We Provide?

Kamerastore will mainly buy cameras. This time we will not bring anything to sell at the pop-up, as couriers fly material from Finland very efficiently all over the world if you have a buying need and something in our 14 000 item selection suits you. In addition to buying we will also do trade offers, if you are interested more in store credit than money.

We offer simple Drop-off at the Finland Pavilion, where you can drop off your camera gear from May 3th to 11th. This way, you don't have to pay to ship your equipment to us in Finland or worry about it breaking in transit.

Equipment we Gladly Buy:

  • Digital cameras of all types
  • Lenses for all types of cameras
  • Film cameras of all types (35mm and 120 have highest value) 
  • Large format cameras
  • Small flashes for autofocus cameras
  • High quality accessories for cameras

Equipment that we will not be able to buy:

  • Studio flashes and their accessories
  • VHS, Mini DV, 8mm, Super 8 and other video cameras
  • Large tripods, enlargers or other physically very large items
  • Cameras that have a larger repair cost than their sales value


Process of selling to us step by step:

  1. You can get a pre-quote online by clicking here to have an idea of the price we offer for your gear. 
  1. Bring your gear to us! Pack the equipment in a box or bag marked with your prequote number (example: Q12345). If you just pop by the pavilion, you can also skip doing a pre-quote, but then processing will take a bit longer.
  1. You will receive a confirmation as well as details of everything you submitted to us via email once we have registered your equipment.
  1. We will then check and test the gear at the Pavilion. When we've tested the gear you'll receive the test results and a cash offer to your email in Euros €.
  1. Accept/Decline the offer online:
    a) If you accept the offer, you can choose between Cash via bank transfer or a Gift card to the store.

    b) If you don't accept the offer, you can collect it back from the Pavilion by the 11th of May or your camera gear will be shipped back to you safely free of charge to your home address.


Contact details:

Our email info@kamerastore.com, phone +358102311777 and website chat services on weekdays 10-16 (UTC +4 Dubai) from Finland. 

If you want to contact straight the team in Dubai with a special request, email juho@kamerastore.com

We're excited to see you in Dubai!

Normally our 30+ staff buy and test material in Tampere, Helsinki and by post in English and Finnish, in this pop-up the services will be available in Swedish.

Normally our 40+ staff members buy and test material in Tampere, Helsinki, Espoo and by post. Services in the Dubai tour will be available in English and are performed by four of our Finland team members.

Sell to Us!

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