Anyone shooting film knows that scanning usually either includes using a slow antiquated flatbed scanner that gives poor results and takes a long time, or includes paying for expensive lab scans that aren't always the way you want them to be.


VALOI's DSLR scanning system is the solution to that - with the VALOI 360 system of products you can scan full rolls of film at high quality in minutes using a digital camera, while having full control over the whole process. Camera scanning can give you quality scans quickly at a relatively low price - it does not have to be expensive (you can read more about how to set up your scanning setup for the least amount of money at VALOI's Gear Guide.

With our the VALOI holders, you can use either the 35mm or 120 Holder on their own to start scanning for cheap, or upgrade with the Advancer to get professional precsision while advancing each frame and enable better use of our three accessories to improve your experience and results.

Learn more about VALOI at www.valoi.co

The VALOI 360 is a system of products that work together to help you digitize photographic roll film using a digital camera at home. It is designed to hold the film flat without touching the sensitive image area while allowing light to pass through from a light source underneath (sold separately). It will help you scan film quicker and, with the right setup, with higher quality than traditional flatbed scanners. While best used with uncut rolls of film it can also be used with strips down to 3 frames long.

The products are designed be upgradeable and user-repairable while also being made from sturdy materials, giving them a long life span and protecting the environment.