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Kiev 6C - Camera

Kiev 6C - Camera

Manual focus 120 SLR made in the Ukraine during the time of the Soviet Union. It uses the Pentacon Six lens mount, so many lenses are available. It also has a focal plane shutter with the fast top speed of 1/1000s. Metal body available in silver.

  • Shutter: Horizontal cloth focal plane, 1/2s - 1/1000s + B
  • Weight: 1538g (w/ TTL prism)
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Pentacon Six

The Pentacon Six or P6 is a breech-lock bayonet lens mount used by several 6x6 medium format single-lens reflex cameras from East Germany and the Soviet Union. The P6 mount was created by Kamera Werkstätten and Carl Zeiss Jena for the Praktisix camera but the mount has become more associated with the Pentacon Six name. Pentacon Six cameras were manufactured from the mid-1950s to the early 1990s with very few changes. 

An exceptionally wide range of lenses is available in the Pentacon Six mount and some are among the best lenses ever made for medium format cameras, like the Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm F4 Flektogon, the 180mm f2.8 Sonnar and the Schneider-Kreuznach 80mm F2.8 Xenotar.

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Kiev 6C - Camera Availability & Price History
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06 Sep 2023 T47535 € 80,00 Kiev 6C - Camera Image
30 Mar 2023 T34765 € 99,00 Kiev 6C - Camera Image
04 Feb 2022 T10325 € 249,00 Kiev 6C - Camera Image
20 Jan 2022 T10325 € 249,00 Kiev 6C - Camera Image