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Mamiya RZ67 Winder II Instructions - Accessory

Mamiya RZ67 Winder II Instructions - Accessory

Instructions for the Mamiya RZ67 Winder II.

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Mamiya RZ67

The Mamiya RZ67 was released in 1982 as a followup to the popular Mamiya RB67. The RZ featured the same rotating back, but added electronically-controlled shutters and light metering and made the body smaller and lighter. Other popular additions included a new lens lineup with more modern coatings and a hot shoe for easy flash use. The RZ67 quickly became a favorite for wedding and studio photographers through the 1980s and 1990s. The RZ was actually the camera used to capture the famous Windows XP background, arguably the world's most viewed photograph! Lenses for the RZ67 system range from the 37mm fisheye to the 500mm telephoto lens, and varied film back options allow the RZ to shoot in many different formats.

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