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Hasselblad V is a 6x6 medium format camera system introduced in 1948. Hasselblad cameras use medium format roll film and produce square images of 6x6 cm. Hasselblad’s first cameras, the 1600F and 1000F, featured in-body focal plane shutters. Despite their success, later models like the 500C would switch to lens-based leaf shutters. These leaf shutter cameras proved incredibly robust, reliable, and popular, even being the camera of choice for NASA's moon landings. The famous ‘Earthrise’ picture, with the earth rising over the horizon of the moon was taken with a modified Hasselblad 500 EL and 250mm lens. 

Hasselblad's V system became an instant success, and dominated the medium format space for the next 60 years. New versions for the system continued to be produced into the 2000s, and new digital backs have been released as late as 2019. Despite being envisioned by Victor Hasselblad for ornithology, photographers in every industry have found the Hasselblad a reliable tool. From Ansel Adams' landscape work to professional studios using the 1/500th flash sync, the Hasselblad laid the groundwork for what a modular SLR can be.

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