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Product Description:

Get great film scans at home using your digital camera and macro lens.

  • Plug-and-Play Scanning at home
  • Scan up to 10x faster than with a flatbed scanner
  • Super compact: Fits in a small camera bag
  • Professional-grade film holders for speed and quality
  • Built-in professional-grade light source for convenience and consistent quality
  • Replaceable light source for a long life span
  • Great materials for a long-lasting product
  • Modular holders allowing formats smaller than 35mm
  • No copy stand or tripod required, saving you space and money
  • Compatible out of the box with most macro-lenses, including those with filter threads of  39mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm 


  • VALOI easy35 body with built in light
  • VALOI easy35 Standard 35mm Holder
  • VALOI easy35 Distance Tubes: 1x 10mm, 1x 20mm, 5x 40mm (230mm total)
  • VALOI filter thread adapters: 39mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 67mm (compatible out of the box with lenses with these filter thread adapters - also compatible with 62mm filter threads as this is the native thread size of the easy35)

Does not include digital camera or macro lens, both required to make final scans.

Does not include power-brick for wall charging: We recommend using at least a 15W charger to enable longer scanning sessions.


Your results may vary based on your additional equipment, the film being digitised and skill of the operator. It is important to follow instructions provided by VALOI and to keep in mind inherent limitations of film material, reproduction techniques and your own equipment. 

Suitable for scanning 35mm film out of the box. The standard holder can be replaced with a variant showing the sprockets of the film as well as smaller film sizes like APS, 110, 126 film and Minox. There is also a Slide Holder for scanning 50mmx50mm mounted slides.

Most interchangeable-lens digital cameras make excellent scanning cameras. You will need a macro lens capable of focusing to 1:1 magnification to scan 35mm film. Most of those lenses available will be compatible. 

Unsure what lens to get? Find a table of recommended lenses for your system at this link or you can find lenses in stock here at Kamerastore from the list here.

We do not recommend using lenses longer than the following focal lengths:

  • Full frame: Shorter than 55mm, Longer than 105mm
  • APS-C: Shorter than 40mm - Longer than 70mm
  • M4/3: Shorter than 40mm - Longer than 60mm

Longer focal lenses can work, but we cannot guarantee there are enough included tubes to use the combination. Shorter focal length lenses can cause vignetting.

If you are unsure, or want to test yourself, follow THIS guide and check that the distance you found is shorter than 230mm.

We recommend using thin cotton gloves while scanning to prevent damage to the film.


The easy35 is a premium product. It is constructed from quality materials because scanning demands precision, and inferior materials do not yield a precision device.

The housing is crafted from Nylon 12, an exceptionally robust plastic that is both rigid and incredibly durable. This material is also ideal for additive manufacturing. It is produced using an additive manufacturing technique known as MJF, enabling the creation of complex shapes. This results in a device that's stronger, lighter, and more compact.

The tubes, including the part that facilitates tube rotation for rotational adjustment, are made from aluminium and are anodised with a super-matte finish. While this makes the tube somewhat heavy, it ensures that the tube is extremely rigid. The precise threading not only enhances the user experience but also guarantees that the device aligns perfectly with the sensor. Additionally, the super-matte finish ensures no reflections bounce back onto the film.

Inside, there's a secondary diffuser crafted from a Plexiglas diffuser acrylic specifically designed for LED diffusion. This ensures no colour shift and promises consistency, with a guarantee against yellowing for 30 years.

Light Source System

Unlike cheaper solutions, the easy35 has a light system based around a powerful and high-quality light source.

  • Powerful light output, with shutter speeds typically between 1/40s-1/200s
  • CRI 95 rated for great colour reproduction
  • Bi-colour LED adjustable to different colour temperatures
  • Plexiglas © secondary diffuser specifically designed for LED diffusion guaranteed for 30 years against yellowing
  • 2-3 hour battery life
  • USB-C charging
  • Chargeable while on for long scanning sessions
  • Replaceable light source unit for a long life time
  • Internal reflector for an even light in a small footprint


Did you know that there are accessories for the easy35? The easy35 has the ability to mount the easy35 Duster on it and has interchangeable holders. You can find the Duster HERE.

The easy35 has replaceable film holders. There is the standard 35mm holder and the 35mm Sprocket holder as well as the following available: 50x50mm mounted slide holder, APS, 110, 126 and Minox. You can find the available holders HERE.

To use this product, you need an interchangeable-lens digital camera and a macro lens capable of focusing to a 1:1 reproduction ratio.

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VALOI 360 on moderni vaihtoehto perinteiselle filmiskannaamiselle. Voit digitalisoida filminegatiivit helposti digikamerallasi. Tuotteemme mahdollistavat huippulaatuisen lopputuloksen – ja yli puolet nopeammin verrattuna perinteisiin tasoskannereihin.

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VALOI easy35

easy35 on helppo ja kompakti ratkaisu 35mm filmiskannaamiseen. Voit unohtaa kopiojalustan tai monimutkaisen asennuksen – tarvitset vain digikameran ja makro-objektiivin.