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35mm, ECN-2 (Motion Picture) Still Film Dev & Scan

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This service is perfomed by Carmencita Film Lab in Valencia, Spain. Please scroll down to read more.


35mm, ECN-2 (Motion Picture) Still Film Dev & Scan

This service covers the developing & scanning of one roll (max. 36 exposures) of 35mm format motion picture color negative film (ECN-2).ย You will receive digital scans and negatives.

ECN-2 film isย similar to C-41 film but has a Remjet coating so it can't be processed in a standard film processor.ย Example film stocks include Kodak Vision3 500T, 50D, 250D, Fuji Eterna 500T, etc.

We work with Carmencita Film Lab for our film development. You can find more information on our lab services, including how to place an order, by clicking here.

You will generally receive your scans within 1-2 weeks. Developed films & prints will take around 2-3 weeks.

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