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Elokuvakonepaja Hot shoe ISO indicator (green/white)

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Elokuvakonepaja Hot shoe ISO indicator (green/white)

This set contains one set of four indicators with green background and white text.

These ISO indicators slot into the hot shoe of most film cameras. They are there to serve two purposes: Look great and to remind you what film you have in your camera, which is especially useful if you have multiple cameras in use at the same time and you leave them on the shelf for an extended period of time mid-roll. Using a color set for color film and BW set for BW film it will also tell you what kind of film you have inside, not just the speed you used.

In a set you get indicators for 100, 200, 400 and 800 ISO. The colors are red (white text), yellow (black text), green (white text), which could match your Leica, Nikon and Canon (AE-1 Program) colors, or just your favorite color. For all you BW lovers we have also stocked white (black writing) that fit silver/chrome models and black (white writing) for black cameras.  

This is the first batch of these indicators and is produced here in Finland by Elokuvakonepaja - a company that specializes in helping movie productions and DPs.

After testing this first batch in a bunch of different camera models we discovered that not all hot shoes are created equal. For example, the Leica M rangefinders have a strong spring that will clamp down on the indicator so that you will need a pen or something pointy to get it out.

According to our tests, these are nice and snug on around 85% of film camera hotshoes, but as we will continue to make coming batches better, do let us know if you find a camera model they are not compatible with

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