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Fuji GM670 Professional - Camera

Fuji GM670 Professional - Camera

Medium format "Texas Leica" rangefinder released by Fuji in 1974. It's essentially a Fujica GL690 with modified gearing and light baffles to accomodate the 6x7 format. Unlilke later Fuji rangefinders, this camera has interchangeable leaf shutter lenses ranging from 25mm to 90mm full frame equivalents. Famous for its front-mounted shutter button.

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  • Shutter: Seiko #0 Leaf, built into lenses.
  • Film advance: Dual-stroke
  • Finder: Parallax-corrected rangefinder with framelines for normal 100mm lens and 150mm lens.
  • Size: 185mm wide, 117mm tall, 73mm thick
  • Weight: 1840g w/ 100mm lens
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Fujica G690

The Fujica G690 was introduced in 1969 as an easy way to take high quality photos of Tokyo tour groups. Intended to mimic the handling of a Leica and with clear inspiration from the Combat Graphic rangefinder, the G690 combined easy flash use with interchangeable lenses and the ability to use the quick-developing sheet film that was the lifeblood of the Japanese tour industry at the time.

This lens mount would be used for a few more cameras, such as the GL690 and GM670, before being retired in favor of lighter fixed-lens models like the Fuji GW690.