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KOMZ 300mm f4.5 Industar-37 - Lens

KOMZ 300mm f4.5 Industar-37 - Lens

Large format lens with a mount for FK/FKD 18x24 cameras made by KOMZ. Thanks to the 18-bladed aperture, this lens has a beautiful bokeh. Covers 8x10" format. Metal body in black finish.

  • KOMZ 300mm f4.5 Industar-37 (Tessar: 4 elements, 3 groups)
  • Aperture blades: 18
  • Maximum aperture: f4.5
  • Size: 95 x 76mm
  • Weight: 1250g
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Large Format

Large format photography encompasses any format larger than medium format (120). Usually, this refers to formats 4x5 inches (9x12cm) or larger. At one point, there were other formats like half or quarter plate, but nowadays there are 3 common formats; 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10. Sizes larger than 8x10, such as 11x14, are called Ultra Large Format (ULF).

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