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Mamiya 7 II Booklet - Accessory

Mamiya 7 II Booklet - Accessory

A brief introduction to the Mamiya 7 II camera.

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Mamiya 7

Mamiya 7 is a small 6x7 medium format rangefinder camera system introduced in 1995. Despite delivering 6x7 negatives, Mamiya 7 cameras are incredibly compact and lightweight. Mamiya pulled no punches when designing the 7's lenses, and each of them can outperform even the best efforts of other manufacturers. This exceptional performance doesn't come with many drawbacks, as the 7 is only slightly bigger than professional 35mm cameras like the Nikon F6. Both 7 cameras are capable of aperture-priority and fully manual exposure. The second version, known as the 7 II, has an improved viewfinder and multi-exposure capability, but is otherwise nearly identical.

The original Mamiya 7 is only found in titanium, with the 7 II coming in black or champagne.

The focal lengths available are 43mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 150mm and 210mm. Unlike the Mamiya 6, some focal lengths (43mm, 50mm and the 210mm) require an external viewfinder.

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