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Mamiya Press - Camera

Mamiya Press - Camera

120 format manual focus rangefinder camera released by Mamiya in 1960. The first version of Mamiya’s Press line. Rugged metal body with large viewfinder. Press-system was designed for professional use so it has large selection of accessories and lenses available. Back has bellows mechanism that allows 15 degrees of tilt and 31mm extension. Accepts Mamiya's own M-type roll film backs. Metal body available in dark grey finish with greenish leatherette and light grey rangefinder housing.

  • Shutter: Leaf, built into the lenses.
  • Size: 160 x 135 x 68mm
  • Weight: 970g body only (1864g with 90mm f3.5 lens and 6x9 roll film back)
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Mamiya Press

Mamiya made a series of industrial rangefinders starting in 1960. These cameras were intended for press photography and featured interchangeable backs, leaf shutter lenses, and various grips and accessories to improve handling.

The first few models could only accept either Mamiya or Graflex film backs without adapters, but the final model (Mamiya Universal) can accept either as well as a Polaroid back.

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Mamiya Press - Camera Availability & Price History
Date Sold SKU Quality Control Price Image
Available T38030 €399,00 Mamiya Press + 6x9 Roll Film Adapter + 90mm f3.5 Sekor + Left Hand Grip for Press Cameras
09 Jun 2024 T37293 € 399,00 Mamiya Press - Camera Image
20 Jun 2022 A75737 € 569,00 Mamiya Press - Camera Image