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v2 Advancer knob (replacement)

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This product is a free replacement for anyone who purchased an Advancer with the v1 knob. Please do not add this to your cart if you did not purchase VALOI Advancer in 2021 - any Advancers shipped in 2022 will have v2 knobs.


This is a set of two knobs - meaning you only have to add them to your cart once.

Due to some problems with the initial design and manufacturing on the first batch of Advancers (2021), we have made a new, retrofit-able knob - the v2 knob. This fixes the attachment issue caused by the v1 design. If you have any of the following symptoms you should consider getting replacing your v1 knobs with these v2 knobs:

  • Replace if, when you turn the knob on one side, the other side does not rotate
  • Replace if, the screw that keeps the knob in place keeps unscrewing and need re-tightening
  • Replace if, when film passes through and you use the knob to advance, only one knob rotates
  • Replace if, you turn one knob and you see the rubber wheels just slide against each other and squeak, instead of turning in sync
  • Replace if, your axles rattle even if they have been screwed in place


Do not replace if your Advancer makes a high-pitched squeaky noise - this is likely from metal rubbing against metal. In this case, please apply a tiny drop of oil on each of the four contact points between the axles and the black frame of the Advancer.

If you are unsure if you should have this knob, please email VALOI at

Learn how to assemble them in the video below:

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