Developing Film with Kamerastore!

Follow the instructions below in order to develop film with us. We’ve partnered with Carmencita Film Lab in Valencia, Spain in order to provide higher quality service to a wider range of customers.


1. Add all required services to the cart!

This includes your preferred scan size & quality, and whether or not you want the film pushed. If you’re not sure what to choose, we’ve added a “recommended” scanning setup. Just click the option with the thumbs up! 👍

One service covers one roll. If you want to get 2 or more rolls developed, you need to adjust the quantity of services to match!

Please check your rolls to confirm the type of processing. There will be a note somewhere on the roll that indicates what type you need. Color film, for example, is generally processed in C-41 chemicals.


2. Select your preferred shipping method for receiving your negatives.

(Local customers only) If you want to pick up the negatives from Tampere, please select pickup as the delivery method. You can also choose a Local Delivery method from Shipping options if you wish to pick up from Helsinki.

If you do not want your negatives returned, also select pickup but leave a note on the order indicating you’d like your negatives to be disposed of.


3. Pay for the products online.

You’ll receive an email confirmation as well as an order number. Please write down your order number, as we will use it to keep track of your order.


4. Pack up your film and send/bring it to us. 

Please include your name and order number! You can either send us the film via Finnish Post (Posti)

Kameratori Oy
Erkkilänkatu 11 B, 
PMK-talo, 7. krs
33100 Tampere, Finland

or bring your rolls to our physical stores (Tampere/Helsinki). We prefer you keep your rolls in a plastic zip-lock bag so they don’t get lost/stuck in a box somewhere.

If you choose to drop your film off at our office in Tampere, you can leave it in our mailbox which is located in the B lobby of the PMK building at Erkkilänkatu 11 in Tampere. We check the box daily! You can also find our film vending machine there! 

We send films to Carmencita Film Lab from our Tampere office on Mondays, and from our Helsinki office on Thursdays. Carmencita Film Lab returns completed orders to us once or twice per month.


5. Receive your scans & negatives! 

You should receive your scans via WeTransfer in 1-2 weeks depending on the size of your order. The negatives & prints may take 2-3 weeks to come back to us.

If you chose a shipping option when buying your film service earlier, we’ll send your negatives to the address you submitted. Otherwise, you’re required to come to one of our physical locations (Tampere/Helsinki) to pick them up.

We store negatives for one month after receiving them back from Carmencita, at which point they are disposed of.


B-Building door opening hours:

Weekdays: 6.30-20 (6.30am - 8pm)

Saturday: 8-17 (8am - 5pm)

Sunday: Closed

For more information about film developing services please contact Carmencita Film Lab: / (+34) 963 041 987

If you need help with your order, please contact us! / +358 10 2311777

( 687)
Tested and inspected with special tools and machinery. Received significant mechanical repairs or service. Delivered cleaned and working with no significant flaws. Minor flaws possible, noted in item description.
( 3614)
Tested and inspected with special tools and machinery. Delivered cleaned and working with no significant flaws. Minor flaws possible, noted in item description.
( 8920)
Tested & inspected, special machinery not required. Delivered cleaned and working with no significant flaws. Minor flaws possible, noted in item description.
Not Passed
( 1480 )
Untested or: tested, inspected, found to have significant flaws. Might be usable as-is, taking into account the defects. Delivered uncleaned. Item description provides more detail when needed.