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The Valoi team operates from Finland. Fulfillment is being done from the Valoi warehouse in Finland in partnership with Your packages will come from:
Kameratori Oy
Erkkilänkatu 11 B,
33100 Tampere, Finland

Valoi started as a Kickstarter in December 2020, far surpassing its goal for funding and ending with over 800 backers funding the project with over 100 000€. We are focused on providing a more affordable way to digitise your film without compromising on quality or features. Our first line of products, VALOI 360, is a system of film holders with accessories to help you digitise your film using a digital camera. Along with the system we are bringing out an extensive database of knowledge for camera scanning, starting with our Gear Guide, which will be followed by Technique Guides in video form.

We are three parties working on the Valoi project:

Arild, who started the project with the ideas and early prototype testing, and who brings knowledge about camera scanning and film know-how to the project. From Norway, but currently living in Finland, he currently manages all the communications with customers and our social media - he is the one you will meet if you email us or message us on Instagram.

Wicher, living in England but from the Netherlands, is the engineer of the team. He designs new products with Arild, bringing designs to final manufacture, testing designs and managing communication with manufacturers. Wicher is also a passionate film photographer!

The team at Kamerastore in Finland who has supported us from the start with good advice and encouragement, and who are now our distribution partner and webstore.