Sell to Us!

Here at Kamerastore we have been buying and selling cameras for over 10 years. Our customers sell and trade with us because of trust and ease. If you have one item or even thousands, we’ll gladly make you an offer on your used film or digital camera gear. So if you want to trade up to something better, or just want to sell some old camera gear you found in your attic, please see how to do so below.


1. Complete the Form

Complete the form above to the best of your ability. Your information will be immediately sent to our trade-in/selling team and they will begin to build a quote.


2. Ship

We will contact you with a preliminary offer for your gear. If you are happy with the estimate, send your items to our shop and we will professionally inspect them. Be sure to pack the items properly and safely. 
Packing & Shipping Instructions


3. Get Paid

When your gear arrives we will inspect it, and confirm or adjust the offer accordingly. You can accept the offer, or if you wish, request for the items to be sent back to you. Accept the offer and we will have the funds sent to you via bank transfer in 2-3 days.
Getting Paid / Making a Trade