Getting Paid

Accepting Funds

If you agree to accept out final offer for your gear, we will get your bank details over email, and send you a bank transfer in 2-3 days.

Credits or Trades

If you want to “trade-up”, and receive store credit instead of a bank transfer, we can be slightly more generous with our offer. Send us some links to our shop of the gear you want - we will send you our best offer for the gear you trade-in plus the gear you want. Combining this all together, it will either be an even trade, you will owe us some funds, or we will owe you some funds. Alternatively you can request a credit be stored on your account and you can use it in the future.

Not Accepting Our Offer

If you do not wish to accept our offer and want your items returned, you can request this at any time. Your items are safe with us during the inspection process. We will pack up your items safely and return them to you free of charge.

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