Kamerastore x SmarterEveryDay - Using a Mamiya RZ67 to Photograph the Total Solar Eclipse!

Kamerastore x SmarterEveryDay - Using a Mamiya RZ67 to Photograph the Total Solar Eclipse!

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We were recently featured (yet again!) on the popular YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay. This time, Destin used one of our cameras to photograph the solar eclipse. The journey he went through to get the shot is worth the watch, and we’re very proud to be involved in our own small way. Click the link below to see the new video!

In the video, Destin attempts to take multiple exposures of the total solar eclipse on a single frame of Kodak Ektachrome 100. Anyone who has shot slide film before will know that this is no easy task, as Ektachrome and similar color-positive films are known for being very particular with their exposure latitude. In simple terms, slide film is less forgiving than color negative or black and white.

When he decided to do this, he couldn’t find a camera capable of taking more than one photo on each roll of film. He reached out to us to see if we could help, and we gladly obliged. Our resident RZ67 expert Nico put together a short video detailing the different parts of the camera, how they fit together, and how Destin could use this kit to get the results he wanted. Click below to watch that short guide!

We chose the RZ67 for a number of reasons.

  • It’s a reliable camera that we are capable of repairing here, so we knew it would work even after shipping it to the US from Finland. 
  • It takes 6x7cm negatives on each roll of 120 film. This offers more than enough resolution for large prints (which it seems like Destin may offer!)
  • It’s a system camera, meaning it has interchangeable parts and can be set up to deal with a wide variety of situations.

After we set Destin up with a kit, he and his team worked in perfect harmony to get the shot they wanted. And it turned out so well! The final result blew our minds when we saw it, and watching the video brings a whole new layer of appreciation to it all. The enthusiasm with which Destin and his team attacked this challenge is truly remarkable and inspiring to us. As we said above, we were so happy to help Destin achieve his goal.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Destin, we’ve actually collaborated with him before! He visited our office two summers ago (time flies!) to learn about what we do and how we test/check film cameras. Two videos came out of it, one about our shutter testing machines and the other a broader behind-the-scenes look into our operation. If you have some time, they’re worth a look as well!

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