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Konica Extension Rings 2 - Accessory

Konica Extension Rings 2 - Accessory

Extension tube made by Konica for AR mount 35mm SLR cameras. Extends close focus capabilities at the cost of some light transmission. Includes four extension rings and a 55mm reverse mounting adapter. Black/silver metal body.

  • Size: 62x 64mm
  • Weight: 1122g
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Konica AR

Konica’s AR system was introduced in 1965 alongside their first SLR, the Auto Reflex. It had auto in the name because the AR bayonet was the first SLR mount to offer automatic exposure. Simply select a shutter speed and the camera was capable of picking an appropriate aperture as long as the lens was set to EE, or ”Electric Eye” mode.

Konica would continue to use this lens mount for decades, eventually adding fully programmed exposure and other advanced features to their SLRs. Despite their excellence, especially in lens production, Konica cameras and lenses are generally less popular than alternatives from Nikon, Canon, Olympus, or Pentax.

Konica’s AR lenses, especially their Hexanon series, are of exceptional quality and can be adapted easily to mirrorless systems.

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Available T58268 €19,00 Konica Extension Rings 2
30 Sep 2022 T16925 € 20,00 Konica Extension Rings 2 - Accessory Image