Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fill a Quote Form

The best way to start selling your camera equipment to Kamerastore is by filling in a web quote.

Whether you have one item or a huge collection, this is both the fastest and most effective way for us to know what you have and for you to know how much your gear is worth. In this guide, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the required forms.

To start, head to our Sell or Trade page!

You’ll see a big button that says “Sell to us”. Click this button to be brought to our online quote form.

Sell to us

This online form also contains information about us and the selling process as well as some contact information you can use if you run into trouble. To start filling in the form, click on “Start Selling”.

This will open a window where you can list the items you have for sale. Click in the product name field and enter the product you have. You’ll be able to choose from our entire catalog of items, so most likely your item is there! If you’re struggling to find a particular item, try putting the information in a different order. Our catalog works like this:

Brand > Model > Version

So instead of “Canon 35mm SLR AE 1”, put “Canon AE-1”, and instead of “Zoom-Nikkor 35~70mm1:3.3~4.5 2223790 Nikon”, put “Nikon 35-70mm f3.3-4.5 Zoom-Nikkor”. It might take a few tries to find the particular item you’re looking for, but we can always correct an item later in the process.

While you’re searching, you should also see a small photo of the item if one is available. This can also help you (and us) identify items! If you’re still having trouble, it’s possible to send us photos in addition to this form to help us understand what products you have.

Next, we need to know what the item is like. For this, you’ll select a “condition rating” for the item. Any item we buy will have to be tested at our office in Tampere, Finland, but this early condition estimate helps us provide more accurate price offers and lets us know how much work may be necessary to make an item sellable. If you’re unsure of the item’s condition, pick “untested”.

An important thing to note is that our initial offer relies on these condition ratings. If we test an item and find out it’s in worse condition than initially described, our final offer will be lower than the preliminary offer. The same is true of gear that’s in better condition than described! For an accurate preliminary offer, try to rate the items accurately.

      After we’ve found the item from the database and selected a condition rating, the next step is to add the product to the quote with the “Add This Product” button. Then we repeat the process for each item you have. Remember, cameras and lenses are two separate items. Instead of writing “Canon AE-1 with 50mm lens” please check in “Canon AE-1” and “Canon 50mm f1.8 SC” separately! You can also delete items from the quote if you made a mistake by clicking the trash can icon.

        Even with over 10,000 items on our site, not every item is in our database. If you can’t find an item no matter what you try, that’s okay! You can add a custom item. We’ll figure out what it is and add it to our database once we have the item in hand.

          No need to add accessories like filters or tripods to the quote. These items often don’t hold significant value and just take extra time to fill in. We’ll add any relevant accessories to the quote once we receive the items.

          Click “Continue” once you’ve added all your items.

          This next page is where we can fill in the gaps with optional Notes and Images. You can write us a short note and link images to your gear if you think that will help us better understand what you’re selling. For example, if an item has been recently repaired or has a known issue, here’s a great place to write that down. If there are time requirements or other restrictions, let us know here as well. We’ll do our best to accommodate you. If you want to share images, they’ll have to be uploaded to a service like Google Drive. Just make sure that anyone with the link has permission to see the photos! You can also send photos to us via email once the quote form is submitted.

          After you’ve filled in your notes and images, click “Continue”.

          Now it’s time to tell us a little about yourself! We need some contact information in order to get in touch with you and keep track of your quote as it moves through our process. It’s also important for us to know where you’re located so we can take into account things like import taxes and shipping fees when considering your items. After filling out this information and agreeing to our Privacy Policy, we can send the quote!

          Awesome! Now that we’ve filled everything out, the quote is officially registered in our system. Write down that Quote ID number (it starts with Q) because that’s the number we’ll use to track the quote through our process. You’ll also receive this information via email, although we’ve had some issues with these emails going to spam folders. Be sure to check these folders and contact us if you don’t receive the quote ID via email!

          If you have any extra requests or want to send photos to supplement your form, you can reply to this Quote ID email. The next step is to wait for our preliminary offer! This normally takes 1-3 days, so you can expect an offer quite quickly.

          Hopefully, this guide helped you get through the quote process and understand a bit about how we do things at Kamerastore. Thanks for choosing us as the place to sell your gear!

          ( 648)
          Tested & inspected with special tools and machinery. Working correctly after professional repair or service. Any flaws present will be noted and will not affect typical use.
          ( 2691)
          Tested & inspected with special tools and machinery, found to be working correctly (or unused in original packaging). Any flaws present will be noted and will not affect typical use.
          ( 9016)
          Tested & inspected by hand, special machinery not required. Found to be working correctly. Any flaws present will be noted and will not affect typical use.
          Not Passed
          ( 1841 )
          Untested or tested, inspected, and found to have flaws that will affect typical use. Recommended for decoration, projects, or use with special considerations.