The VALOI 360 is a highly modular film scanning system based around holding your camera with a separate stand. It provides maximal modularity and format compatability, with kits available for beginners all the way to working professionals.

This system is more for those who want to build their ultimate scanning setup and be more hands on.

VALOI 360 Kits

These kits come with a nice discount compared to buying the components separately.


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Highly Modular

The VALOI 360 system is super modular, meaning you can start with a minimal setup and add components to it over time, or simply choose the configuration. you want.

When we release new products in this system we also make sure they are compatible with previous and future products.


The VALOI 360 system has a total of 10 holders available for it, from the small Minox format all the way to the big 120 format up to 6x9 images.

4x5 film is not compatible with the 120 system.

Ultimate Quality

The 360 system is built around maximazing quality, from the film holders keeping the film super flat.


The 360 system allows you more freedom to create your scans, for example by capturing more than one image of the same frame and stitching them together.

VALOI 360 Bases and Mounting

While you can use the 360 holders on their own, we recommend you choose a base or combination of bases for your system. They can be combined for more stability and features.

VALOI 360 Holders

The VALOI 360 film holders are the stars of the show - affordable but engineered for the best scans and optimised for speed.

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VALOI 360 Accessories

Here you will find useful accessories for the VALOI 360 system. These are not needed but improves the quality or convenience of your scans in some way.

More about VALOI 360

Click the button below for more in-depth information about the 360 system and its specifications. Here you can find dimensions, more pictures and more features.

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