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Original 360 Bases & Stands

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Product Description:

Starting 22.05.2025 this listing is for the Advancer v2.
For the original Advancer v1, please see this listing, HERE (discounted).

For customers who already own a previous version of the Advancer, you can get the same functionality with our limited upgrade kit HERE.


  • VALOI Advancer v2
  • VALOI Thumb screw for fastening holder
  • VALOI Quick Start Guide

Does not include items shown in pictures: VALOI 360 6x45 mask, VALOI 360 Duster

This product requires a VALOI Holder: either the 35mm Holder or 120 Holder - which are not included in this listing. It also requires simple assembly and a small-medium Phillips screwdriver.

With the Advancer you get a host of new features all set in a sturdy all-steel construction:

  • Speed: Scan a roll of 35mm film as quick as in two minutes
  • Stability: Sturdy rubber feet and a heavy steel construction to keep everything in place
  • Levelling: More than 10mm fine threaded adjustment on the feet
  • Evenly lit scans: The film is lifted approximately 5cm off the light source to diffuse imperfections on the light
  • Multi-format support: With rollers set up to be adjustable for almost any roll film formats ever made
  • Access to accessories like the Duster

Additional accessories are necessary to produce a final image, including a digital camera, a close-focusing lens and a light source. See our gear-guide for more at

Overview of different Advancer versions


Shipped during the Kickstarter in 2022 until approximately spring 2023.

  • Black quite hard rollers
  • The knob was fastened from the end with a phillips head screw (many units will have been upgraded to v2 knobs that are fastened from the side)
  • The accessory screw holes on the front and back of the Advancer are placed in the middle of the plate. 
  • Some units had issues with low roller pressure.


Shipped from spring 2023 to mid-May 2024.

  • Shipped with red softer rollers
  • The knob was the new v2 type, with a fastening on the side using a set/grub screw
  • The accessory screw holes on the front and back were placed further down to lower the Duster
  • The roller pressure was increased and units should not have problems with that.


Version shipping from mid-May 2024.

  • Ships with red softer rollers (same as v1.3)
  • Has a larger screw on the knob due to the smaller screws having issues with stripping (not included in upgrade kit)
  • Has 6 tabs instead of 4 in the frame for holding the masks in place
  • Has 2x M4 threaded holes on-top for tightening down the holder, and ships with 2x M4 thumb screws to fit in those holes.

Full Control with


The VALOI 360 is a modern alternative to traditional film scanning. With it you can digitize film negatives using your digital camera. Our products enable higher quality results in less than half the time of a traditional workflow using a flatbed scanner.

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Easy setup with

VALOI easy35

The easy35 delivers professional quality 35mm film scans with just a digital camera and macro lens, it requires no copy stand or detailed setup.