VALOI easy35

The easy35 delivers professional quality 35mm film scans with just a digital camera and macro lens, it requires no copy stand or complex setup.

This system is for those with limited space and time to scan.

easy35 Products

The easy35 family of products all fit together to make an easy to use, compact film scanner.

  • Compact

    The easy35 is about the size of a water bottle making it perfect for those with limited space or who want to bring their scanning station with them.

  • Fast

    With the easy35 scanning a roll of 35mm film is only matter of minutes.

  • Built-in Light

    The easy35 comes with included light source. The 95+ CRI light source gives your scans accurate colors, even exposure and faster shutter speeds when scanning.

  • Quality Materials

    The easy35 is made from quality plastic that is designed to last decades without loosing its functionality and usability.

  • Replaceable Holders

    The easy35 gives you the ability to change film holders in a matter of seconds. The Sprocket holder now available for the easy35 and many more to come.

  • Fits most cameras and lenses

    The easy35 is compatible with almost every macro lens available. The easy35 takes 62mm filter threaded lenses by standard but with included step up-down rings it can be used with almost any macro lens.

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