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easy35 Slide Holder

easy35 Slide Holder

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easy35 Film Holders

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Product Description:

The easy35 35mm Slide Holder replaces the standard holder for the easy35, allowing you to scan 50x50mm standard mounted 35mm slides

  • Quick scanning enabled by push-through design
  • Ease of use with custom leaf spring locating mechanism
  • Precision with automatic slide positioning
  • Compatible with most slides on the market*
  • Scan up to 4mm thick slides

The easy35 Slide Holder has two internal custom-made leaf springs pressing the slide downwards. This forces the slide into a locating area in the middle, ensuring consistent placement of the slide. Scanning slides is therefore as easy inserting one slide, capturing it, then pushing the first out with the second slide as you insert it. You can see a demonstration on using it HERE.

*Mount Compatability

The easy35 Slide Holder is compatible with most standard mounted 35mm slides on the market - however, we cannot guarantee that it will work with all mounts ever made as there is an extremely wide range. Particularly damaged or fragile cardboard slides can jam or be damaged in the holder. 

Mounted slides made from plastic and between 1.5mm and 4mm thick will suit the device very well, and slides made from strong card are usually not a problem.


Device Compatibility 

The easy35 Slide Holder is compatible with all easy35 units. The holder is conveniently replaced by releasing a single screw and pushing the original holder out, and the new one in.

The easy35 Slide Holder is not compatible with the VALOI 360 system. You can find the slide holder for that system HERE.

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The VALOI 360 is a modern alternative to traditional film scanning. With it you can digitize film negatives using your digital camera. Our products enable higher quality results in less than half the time of a traditional workflow using a flatbed scanner.

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Easy setup with

VALOI easy35

The easy35 delivers professional quality 35mm film scans with just a digital camera and macro lens, it requires no copy stand or detailed setup.