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35mm Holder

35mm Holder

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Original 360 Film Holders

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Product Description:


  • VALOI 35mm Holder
  • 4x anti-slid sticky rubber feet

Suitable for standard 35mm (135) film up to full-frame size, or wider when doing digital stitching. The holder is made to be tight and mask out the sprockets for maximum quality. Depending on the frame size of your camera, which can vary by 1-2mm, you might or might not have a black border around your frame. The holder can be adjusted manually using a fine file or the Custom Series Sprocket Holder can be used and the frame cropped to the desired size

 The VALOI 35mm Holder is:

  • Designed for maximal flatness with the special double S-curved track
  • Prevents reflections: Matte black plastic and strategic anti-reflection angles
  • Quick-advance system: Push or pull film through, no fiddling with traditional clam-shell designs
  • Minimises vignetting on the edges with a beveled design under the film
  • Comes with stock-on rubber feet for stability
  • Can be used with or with out the VALOI Advancer
  • Optimised for full rolls - it will work with cut strips but flatness may vary

The 35mm Holder can be used to hold film on its own or in conjunction with the VALOI Advancer.

We recommend using thin cotton gloves while scanning to prevent damage to the film. 

Additional accessories are necessary to produce a final image, including a digital camera, a close-focusing lens and a light source. See our gear-guide for more at

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The VALOI 360 is a modern alternative to traditional film scanning. With it you can digitize film negatives using your digital camera. Our products enable higher quality results in less than half the time of a traditional workflow using a flatbed scanner.

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VALOI easy35

The easy35 delivers professional quality 35mm film scans with just a digital camera and macro lens, it requires no copy stand or detailed setup.