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Voigtländer Bessa-L - Camera

Voigtländer Bessa-L - Camera

Manual focus LTM/M39 mount camera released by Voigtländer. This camera has no built-in light rangefinder or viewfinder but does have TTL metering. It's mainly designed for use with ultrawide lenses that have their own viewfinders and don't require much precision focusing. Plastic body available in black or silver.

  • Shutter: Copal vertical metal focal plane, 1s - 1/2000s + B/T
  • ISO range: 25 - 1600
  • Size: 140 x 79 x 33mm
  • Weight: 340g
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LTM / M39

M39 is a screw-type mount system originally designed by Oskar Barnack for Leica cameras in the 1930s. These Leica Thread Mount (LTM) camera bodies attach lenses using a 39mm threaded screw mount.

This mount was the prominent rangefinder mount for Leica until 1953 when the M3 debuted. The M Mount bayonet spelled the end for Leica’s thread mount cameras, although other manufacturers, like Canon, Leotax, and Zorki, continued to use the M39 mount for their cameras.

There are some early Soviet SLRs that also use a 39mm thread mount called M39. Lenses for this system are incompatible with M39 rangefinder lenses, and vice versa, due to differences in flange distance.

M39 rangefinder lenses can be easily adapted to mirrorless camera systems.

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Voigtländer Bessa-L - Camera Availability & Price History
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25 Jun 2024 T72965 € 679,00 Voigtländer Bessa-L - Camera Image
17 Jun 2024 T71924 € 215,00 Voigtländer Bessa-L - Camera Image
12 Apr 2024 T64956 € 235,00 Voigtländer Bessa-L - Camera Image
12 Jan 2023 T33793 € 199,00 Voigtländer Bessa-L - Camera Image
16 Oct 2022 T23782 € 739,00 Voigtländer Bessa-L - Camera Image
28 Sep 2022 T19276 € 749,00 Voigtländer Bessa-L - Camera Image