Learn with VALOI

VALOI is commited to providing information about our products specifically and camera scanning generally. We recognise that there is a lot to take in and want to make it easier to get started. Learn from our resources

Below you will find some links to information from us and at the bottom you will find contact information if you want to ask us questions.



Gear Guide

Learn more about what additional equipment you need to do camera scanning - cameras, lenses, copystands, light sources and software is all covered there.

Technique Guide

Learn about how you scan your film with best pracitces to ensure you get the best results possible. This guide covers everything from setup to final capture.

Quick Start Manual (Advancer)

Read the official manual for the Advancer, including the troubleshooting guide at the back of the manual.

Camera Scanning Setup (with Nicolas Llasera)

We released a video with Nico's Photography Show where you can see how to set up a camera scanning set-up.


Contact us


Feel free to email us about any questions or concerns, or just to ask for feedback on your setup or for tips on scanning.


Our founder, Arild, runs the Instagram and is very active if you want to message him to ask whatever you want about our products or camera scanning.