Tampere, Finland - Home of Kamerastore

As you may know, our store is located in Tampere, Finland. We’re up on the seventh floor of a historic former train depot, the PMK building, in central Tampere. Kamerastore has been a Tampere-based company since day 1, and we love this city. Between the beautiful nature, abundant tech opportunities, and historic city center, there’s no place in Europe we’d rather be. Almost every camera, lens, or accessory we clean, check, and repair comes through our Tampere office, and our main warehouse is always full of activity, photography, and fun. 

A Global City

One of Tampere’s neighboring cities, Nokia, lent its name to what is now the most famous Finnish company on the world stage. Nokia is one of the major providers of cell towers around the world and was one of the first innovators of cell phone technology. Designers in Tampere have also had their hands in designing parts, in particular cameras, for smartphones from companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, and Sony. Photography and technology run in our veins and help connect us to the world.

Nokia is actually the main sponsor of Tampere’s brand-new hockey stadium. The stadium looms large over the city and is visible from almost anywhere in the city center (keskusta in Finnish). Our office isn’t far away, in the historic PMK building. This building used to be a train depot and was built with a curve for easier loading of goods. This gives it a pretty unique silhouette even among Tampere’s many factory buildings. Many of these former textile factories have been converted into offices, art galleries, or retail spaces.


Visiting Tampere

If you’re coming Tampere, you may want some recommendations for places to visit. We have you covered for photography-related excursions in the city!

Visit Pyynikki

Pyynikki is a neighborhood in western Tampere that’s home to quite a large forest and some lovely old wooden homes. These houses were the standard for Finnish home construction in the early 1900s and many still stand today. They’re brightly colored and have been respectfully maintained for decades! With plenty of natural and man-made sights to take in, Pyynikki is a great example of a peaceful Finnish neighborhood.

One iconic spot worth checking out is the Pyynikki Watchtower. This landmark sits on top of a ridge in the middle of the forest and provides great views of the city. There aren’t many spots where it’s possible to see the city so well! They also have some world-class donuts in the cafe on the bottom floor. Finnish people come from all over the country to have these donuts, and they’re worth it!


Take the Tram

One of the best ways to get around the city is by taking the new tram system. There are two lines that can quickly and reliably take you from one end of the city center to the other. In the coming years, these lines will be expanded to serve areas outside of the center too! Although the tram is relatively new, it’s quickly become a staple of Tampere and a defining quality of the city center.

Not only is the tram reliable, but the inside is also a vibrant red that can make for some nice photos if done carefully. Just try not to shake as the tram moves!

Spend Time in Nature (& Go to the Sauna!)

If you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the center (it can be pretty raucous during the IIHF tournament!) a great way to relax is to find some nature. Just a few minutes north of our office is Kauppi. This large natural area has maintained paths, places to sit, and plenty of quiet spaces that seem quite remote despite being very close to the city center. During the winter it becomes a cross-country skiing track, too! It’s one of our favorite places in the city for photography. Try going at sunset during the summer, the light is incredible!

While you’re in the forest, why not try out the sauna? Finland is the sauna capital of the world, and Tampere has some really great public options. The sauna is a great experience if you’ve never tried it before, with public saunas being a unique and fun introduction to Finnish sauna culture. The Kauppi forest area is home to both Rauhaniemi and Kaupinojan saunas, both of which have excellent amenities and access to the lake. Switching between the hot sauna and cold lake is an exhilarating experience that can’t really be replicated or explained. It just feels great, especially in summer. During the winter it’s more of an endurance test!

Another great nature area is the Hatanpää Arboretum. Again, it’s only a few minutes from the city center yet feels quiet and remote. You’ll notice, if you’re a foreigner, just how quiet Finland can be if you get away from the hockey tournament! The arboretum is more of a park, with paths that meander along the water and guide visitors toward the trees. Many different species are represented from all over the world and are identified with placards. In the summer, there’s also a lovely rose garden that smells nice and provides an excellent subject for macro photography.

Visit Us!

We’re a 30-person company made up of camera nerds from all over the world operating what is essentially a factory that produces cleaned, tested, and repaired vintage cameras. We’ve been in Tampere for over 10 years and are proud to call this city home.

If you’re in town for the tournament or otherwise you should definitely stop by! Our office, as I said before, is in the PMK building in the city center. You can come by and pick up a new, serviced camera or lens for taking photos of our beautiful city!

More Information

If you’re looking for more specific information about the IIHF tournament or Tampere itself, there are tons of resources out there! Tampere does its best to make the city welcoming to tourists of all types! You can click here for more information on the city of Tampere. For Tampere’s tourism page, click here.

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