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Fuji Wide Bellows - Accessory

Fuji Wide Bellows - Accessory

Accessory bellows for Fuji GX680. Meant to be used with wide-angle lenses.

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Fuji GX680

Fuji's GX680 is one of the only SLR cameras that captures negatives larger than 6x7cm. By pairing these large 6x8 negatives with impressive electronics with a range of movements more like a large format camera, the GX680 is an incredibly capable medium format camera. That is, if you can carry it.

The GX680 is most at home on a tripod in a studio. While you can handhold it, you'll more than likely end up with serious neckpain! Regardless of your application, the GX680 cameras offer top-of-the-line Fuji lens technology, metering capabilities, and automation that isn't found in most 120 cameras.

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Fuji Wide Bellows - Accessory Availability & Price History
Date Sold SKU Quality Control Price Image
09 Dec 2023 T44301 € 86.13 Fuji Wide Bellows - Accessory Image
07 Sep 2023 T44303 € 99.00 Fuji Wide Bellows - Accessory Image