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Komura 200mm f4 - Lens

Komura 200mm f4 - Lens

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Manual focus telephoto prime lens made for the early Zenza Bronica medium format SLR cameras (S, C and EC models) by Komura. No focusing helicoid on the lens itself, uses the universal Bronica focus units. Dimensions below are without the focus unit. Metal construction in black finish.

  • Komura 200mm f4
  • Aperture blades: 6
  • Size: 110 x 80mm
  • Weight: 668g
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Zenza Bronica entered the camera market in 1959 after more than a decade producing high-end goods as a subsidiary of Shinkodo Works. Their early cameras generated significant interest at trade shows and managed to sell well worldwide. These cameras had lenses designed by Nikon and rivaled anything from Hasselblad or Mamiya in their design and build quality.

Bronica's early cameras are all housed here. That includes the S, EC, and others. More common Bronica systems (ETR, SQ, GS-1) have their own systems pages for easier searching.

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24 Aug 2023 T43906 € 40.00 Komura 200mm f4 - Lens Image